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Rob (1992)



Having lived away from Holdrege longer than I ever lived in Holdrege, I still consider it my home. I miss it, but what I really miss is having my parents to visit there. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. I met Chuck one summer when I was working in Alaska at a cannery after graduating. We have been married for 27 years. Not being successful at talking a Northwest native into moving to Nebraska, we have lived in Mercer Island since. One of my very dear friends from Alma, Alice lives just down the street. My careers have been varied, but always have been in sales and business development. Currently I am recruiting for Macy's; selling jobs...My sisters, Jane and Judy and I are very close, just not geographically close. Henning, our German exchange student remains an important part of our family. We have one son, Rob, named for his grandfather. Never having brothers did not prepare me for the way boys communicate...they don't. He will graduate from high school in 2010, probably about the same time some of your grandchildren will graduate. He plays lacrosse and that introduced me to the fastest game on 2 feet. I love it. I try to carry on family traditions I grew up with, and those mainly involve food, although I don't do the fish in milk thing. Brenda can attest that I am not very good at staying in touch, except for Christmas cards, but that is something I can improve on. My memories of Holdrege revolve around friends, neighbors, food, the smell of the seasons, a great place to ride a bike and lots of people with a "son" at the end of their name. Proud to be a Duster.